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Friends you have given TAIT EXAM in Dec 2017, the mark list of candidates also have been published on the Internet. Now the only the thing you want is the portal start, and fill your Pavitra Portal Application Form.  According to the GR on 23 June 2017 and 20 June 2018 all the teacher posts are to be recruited on pavitra portal. And it is a welcome the move of honorable education minister VINOD TAWADE Sir.

It has been a revolutionary the decision was taken by Mr. VINOD TAWADE to start pavitra portal so that there will be no place for corruption in the education department. Talented students will be justified. But private institutions chairman’s are protesting this decision along with headmasters organization. It may prove to be a fatal move to all Ded and Bed TAIT candidates.  (Ganesh More)



Pavitra Portal News
Pavitra Portal News

Pavitra Portal Online Application Form  Filling Instructions :

1. After the successfully complete registration process, Log in your Pavitra Portal account to fill the online application form on Maharashtra government Pavitra Portal.

2. After login, you can see your Login details on upper site of pavitra portal website (Application ID & Name of candidate).

3. Now fill applicant details in the Personal Details section.

4. Enter your Application ID

5. Enter the applicant’s full name in the box.

6. Now enter your marks in the box.

7. Choose your gender information.

8. Enter your date of birth.

9. Enter your mobile number in the box.

10. Select the category of applicant.

11. Mention your physical disability in form of Yes or No.

12. Mention whether you are English medium students or not, for reservation.

13. select part-time or full-time option.

14. Now select the medium of study.

15. Choose are you, contractual employee?( yes or no)

16. After completion of personal details, move towards the Other details.

17. Now enter your Aadhaar Number and choose your social category.

18. Mention your marital status (Yes/No) and the number of children.

19. Select, are you domicile of Maharashtra (Yes/No)

19. Mention, Are you a child of suicide farmer? (Yes/No)

20. Mention, are you from the controversial border? (Yes/No)

21.  After completion, print out the Applicant Self-Certified form.

Pavitra Portal Timetable

Date Of RegistrationTAIT Exam Number
06/07/2018 ते 08/07/2018SED_TAIT_0000001SED_TAIT_0005000
09/07/2018 ते 11/07/2018SED_TAIT_0005001SED_TAIT_0015000
12/07/2018 ते 15/07/2018SED_TAIT_0015001SED_TAIT_0030000
16/07/2018 ते 18/07/2018SED_TAIT_0030001SED_TAIT_0045000
19/07/2018 ते 22/07/2018SED_TAIT_0045001SED_TAIT_0060000
23/07/2018 ते 25/07/2018SED_TAIT_0060001SED_TAIT_0075000
26/07/2018 ते 29/07/2018SED_TAIT_0075001SED_TAIT_0090000
30/07/2018 ते 01/08/2018SED_TAIT_0090001SED_TAIT_0105000
02/08/2018 ते 05/08/2018SED_TAIT_0105001SED_TAIT_0120000
02/08/2018 ते 05/08/2018SED_TAIT_0120001SED_TAIT_0135000
09/08/2018 ते 12/08/2018SED_TAIT_0120001SED_TAIT_0150000
13/08/2018 ते 15/08/2018SED_TAIT_0150001SED_TAIT_0165000
16/08/2018 ते 19/08/2018SED_TAIT_0165001SED_TAIT_0180000
20/08/2018 ते 23/08/2018SED_TAIT_0180001SED_TAIT_0199143

New Pavitra Portal Timetable :


edustaff portal

Pavitra Portal Maharashtra recently publishes Pavitra Portal new timetable for Pavitra Portal Application Corrections and for new candidates who not yet apply for pavitra portal jobs. It is a golden chance for new candidates for applying Maharashtra teachers recruitment in 2018.

महा-टाईट की महत्वपूर्ण अपडेट के लिए वेबसाइट को क्रोम ब्राउजर में खोले और  निचे लाल बेल को दबाकर Yes करे. (Share on Whatsapp & Facebook)


Pavitra Portal Time Table For Corrections

edu.staff portal

Pavitra Portal Updates :


Checking Pavitra Portal Application Verification


  • Visit the Pavitra Portal official website


  • Select the Role as Applicant


  • Enter your user ID.


  • Enter your Login ID


  • Click on password option


  • After clicking on password option it show your verification status.


  • like this “You have verified your basic information so you are not eligible for login.”


Important Links :

Pavitra Portal Website Link (Click here)

Pavitra Portal Notification Pdf (Click here)




  1. I successfully registered on Pavitra portal. But now for filling form through this portal for applying I have to login unfortunately login is failed each time what should I do?

  2. Respected sir/madem,
    I had not registered my name on portal so what will i do
    so how can i apply for shikshak bharti please guide me

  3. Respected sir/madem,
    I had not registered my name on portal so what will i do
    so how can i apply for shikshak bharti please guide me

  4. आदरनीय सर.मी पवित्र पोट॔लवर आगोदर नोंद केली नाही.तर मला आता शिक्षक भरती चा फाॅम भरता येऊ शकत नाही.असे मला कळले आहे. सर आता माझे वय 33 वष॔ आहे.हि भरती 8 वष॔ नंतर निघाली आहे नंतर कधी भरती निघेल हे काय सांगता येनार नाही.त्यामुळे सर ज्या लोकांनी आगोदर नोंद केली नाही अशा लोकांना शिक्षक भरती चा फाॅम भरण्याची सुविधा करून दयावी, ही नम्र विनंती आहे. सर कृपया करून लोकांच्या भविष्याचा उदार मनाने विचार करून त्यानां फाॅम भरण्याची ऐक संधी दया सर.

  5. आदरनीय सर.माझी आपणास नम्र विनंती आहे की ज्यानी आगोदर नोंद केली नाही. अशा लोकांना शिक्षक भरती चा फाॅम भरण्याची सुविधा करून दयावी. सर कृपया करून आम्हाच्या भविष्याचा विचार करुन आम्हाला एक संधी दया सर.

  6. We didn’t find Tait exam last years. It was only one exam. How can apply in Pavitra portal also I took b.ed.l am bong in S T category.

  7. We didn’t find Tait exam last years. It was only one exam. How can apply in Pavitra portal also I took b.ed.l am belong in S T category.

  8. There is no compulsion of TAIT for Junior college teacher appointment ,,.Then without registering in Pavitra portal can we directly go for Junior colleger teacher interview. I am MSC M.Ed. Chemistry.

  9. सर मझे वय अाज 38वर्षाचे झाले आहे.माझी
    प्रोफाइल अपूर्ण असल्यामूळे मला स्वप्रमाणित काॅपी मीळाली नाही. कृपया प्रोफाईल अपडेट करण्यकरीता मूदतवढ देण्यत यावी. अन्यथा माझे जीवण ऊध्वस्त होईल.मी अाजच नागपुरवरुन वापस जात अाहे. कृपया अापणास विनंती


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