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Teaching Aptitude Questions and Answers



Teaching Aptitude : Important questions and answers on Teaching Aptitude for all teaching exams like TET, CTET, TAIT, UGC CBSC NET/SET

1.It appears that modern students are adopting innovative methods of flattery and short-cuts in their studies. What do you think about its remedial measures?
(A) Use these youngsters for your personal activities
(B) Teacher must protect from their own faces from them
(C) Favorable remedial measures should be implemented to make them strong and upright citizens by the teachers
(D) As it is the trend of society there is nothing wrong in it

2. NLM stands for
(A) National Literacy Mission
(B) National Labour Mission
(C) National Liberty Mission
(D) None of the above

3. The maxim of maintaining good relations with others is
(A) Attractive features and mental make up
(B) Sycophancy
(C) Kaleidoscopic personality
(D) Control over emotions

4. Plato’s theory called for an educational programme in which
(A) The unfit were to be eliminated and the fit located
(B) Education was life itself, not a preparation for it
(C) The validity of mental discipline was denied
(D) The transfer of learning played no part.

5. Research has shown that the most frequent symptom of nervous instability among teacher is
(A) Fatigue
(B) Worry
(C) Absenteeism
(D) Explosive behaviour

6. The best evidence of the professional status of teaching is the –
(A) Publication of journal
(B) Fixing of salary schedules
(C) Sponsoring of state conventions
(D) Enforcement of high standards

7. As teachers, we should think of our work in terms of –
(A) Systematic drill
(B) Child growth and development
(C) The mastery of subject-matter
(D) Hearing lessons recited

8. Teacher’s primary responsibility lies in –
(A) Planning educational experiences
(B) Experimenting with teaching techniques
(C) Implementing and administering policies
(D) Keeping classroom records

9. Teacher’s major contribution towards the maximum self-realization of the child is best affected through
(A) Sensitivity to pupil needs, goals and purposes
(B) Strict control of classroom activities
(C) Systematic development of frustration tolerance
(D) Constant fulfillment of the child’s needs.

10. The teacher has been glorified by the phrase-‘Friend, Philosopher and Guide’ because
(A) He has to play all these vital roles in context of the society
(B) He transfuses the high values of the humanity into young ones sitting in the classroom
(C) He is the great reformer and patriotic saviour of a nation
(D) All the above

Q.No Ans Q.No Ans
1 C/ 6 B/2 A /7 A/3 A/ 8 A/4 B/ 9 B/5 D/ 10 C



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