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MAHA TAIT study Material Notes : English Competency Test


MAHA-TAIT 2017 English Competency Sample question Paper

Practice English Competency Test


[Section – A]

A. Choose the Article ‘ a, an, the ’ where necessary. Choose ‘x’ where no Article is used. From the given choices.

1. …… eagle was perching on his right shoulder.

a) a    b)  an     c) the         d) ‘x’

2. ……   Summer of 1996 was hot and dry.

a) a     b)  an      c) the          d) ‘x’

3. She has ……  exercise book in her school bag.

a) a     b)  an    c) the         d) ‘x’

4. He is drinking.…… cup of coffee.

a) a     b)  an      c) the          d) ‘x’

5. …… Gold is found in Australia.

a) a      b)  an      c) the           d) ‘x’

6. There is …… new English book on the desk.

a) a      b)  an       c) the        d) ‘x’

7. Our children go to school by ……  bus.

a) a      b)  an      c) the           d) ‘x’

8. She loves talking photos of…… caterpillars.

a) a      b)  an       c) the          d) ‘x’

[Section – B]
B. Choose the correct Preposition from the given choices.

1. Last summer I took a plane from Munich ……..  Rome.

a) over     b)  against     c) from           d) to

2. We waited outside the restaurant  ……..  one hour.

a) on     b)  for       c) in           d) through

3. From the airport we went to our hotel  …….. bus.

a) by    b)  on       c) with          d) on

4. We were very angry  …….. him.

a) over     b)  with      c) along          d) at

5. The police car chased the robbers  ……..   the streets.

a) with     b)  through      c) by         d) to

6. She looked …….. stranger.

a) over     b)  with      c) along          d) at

7. The president will deliver speech to public ……..  Independence Day.

a) by     b)  on       c) with         d) on

8. Someone is knocking ……. the door.

a) over     b)  with      c) along          d) at


[Section – C]

C. Choose the correct One Word Substitution for each word from the given choices.

1. One who looks on the bright side of things =  ?

a) Optimist    b) Fatalist     c) Homicide         d) Egoist

2. One who is out to subvert a government =  ?

a) Autocracy    b) Democracy     c) Plagiarist       d) Anarchist

3. That through which light can pass =  ?

a) Sacrilege    b) Epitaph    c) Transparent      d) Turncoat

4. A sentence whose meaning is unclear =  ?

a) Ambiguous     b)  Immigrant       c) Exonerate    d) Pauper

5. One who pretends to be what he is not =  ?

a) Reticent     b)  Hypocrite       c) Eccentric          d) Misogynist

6. Words written on the tomb of a person =  ?

a)  Passage     b)  Epitaph     c) Letter          d) Gratis

7. Work for which no salary is paid =  ?

a)  Honorary     b)  Immigrant       c) Exonerate    d) Payment

8. Words which have the same meaning  =  ?

a)  Antonyms    b)  Synonyms      c) Slimily        d) Gratis

9. Of a person who cannot be pleased easily  =  ?

a) Gentlemen      b)  Hypocrite        c) Fastidious      d) Misogynist

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  1. Sir I would like to appear and clear the maha tait exam. Please guide regarding the syllabus and books to be referred to. Can we give the exams in English only. Anuradha mallela


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