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MAHA TAIT 2017 Answer Key pdf


MAHA TAIT 2017 Answer Key pdf 


Maharashtra Teacher Aptitude and Intelligence Test answer key is release:

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Some Important Questions and Answers:

*DIRECTIONS: These questions are based on the following information.

Five boys – A, B, C, D and E – are sitting in row-I, facing North, and five girls – P, Q, R, S and T – are

sitting in row-II facing South, not necessarily in the same order. Each boy in row – I is facing exactly one girl from row -II. The following information is known about them.

Only two persons sit between A and the boy who faces Q, who does not sit at any end. C is to the immediate left of B, but both of them are not adjacent to E. P is opposite the boy who is to the immediate right of D. D does not sit opposite Q. R is to the left of the girl who faces D. C does not face S.

Who sits second to the right of R?

A.P, B.Q, C.S, D.T

Answer: C.S

*DIRECTION: Rearrange the following five sentences (P), (Q), (R), (S) and (T) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the questions given below them.

P. Baby Krishna grabbed a handful of grains and ran towards the door but all the grains fell in the way.

Q. Soon she realized that her fruit basket was full of jewels and gold.

R. Krishna wanted to have some fruit, he asked the lady for fruit but the lady demanded something in return.

S. On seeing this, the fruit lady was completely smitten by Lord Krishna and gave him all the fruits in exchange for whatever was in his hands.

T. Once a lady who was selling fruits was crossing Shri Krishna’s house.

Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?

A.R, B.P, C.T, D.S Answer: A.R

*DIRECTION: In each of the following questions, three statements followed by four conclusions marked

I, II, and III are given. Consider the statements to be true, even though they seem to be at variance with the commonly known facts and find out which of the given conclusion(s) logically follow(s) the statements, disregarding the commonly known facts.


All fats are mats.

Some mats are rats.

All rats are cats


  1. Some fats are cats.
  2. Some mats are cat s.

III. Some rats are fats.

  1. Only I follows, B. Only II follows, C. Only III follows, D. Both I and II follow

Answer: B. Only II follows

*Two trains of length 100 m and 80 m respectively run on parallel lines of rails. When running in the same direction the faster train passed the slower one in 18 second, but when they are running in opposite directions with the same speed as earlier, they pass each other in 9 seconds. Find the speed of faster train.

A.15 m/s, B.25 m/s, C.20 m/s, D. Can’t be determined

Answer: A.15 m/s

How to download MAHA TAIT 2017 Answer key pdf file ?

. Go to Mahapariksha.Gov.In or Click on this URL

. Inter Your Login ID ex: SED_TAIT_00XXXX

. Select Your Date of Birth

. Click On Validate Button

. Download the TAIT Answer Key PDF.


  1. Sir I got my answer key but it doesn’t show the responses recorded by me. It is impossible for me to remember all the answers given by me

  2. Sir marksheet kadhi bhetel….
    aani apply kadhi pasun suru hotil…
    mi ma bed economics aahe aani tait score 108 aahe ….
    sc category aahe tari mi apply karu sakte ka….

  3. D.Ed….tet pass… Tait score 126
    Obc….age 38….. Is there any chances for me.
    As a z.p. Primary teacher for 1 to 5 class… will I get a job.

  4. भूकम्प ग्रस्त च्या जागा कसे भरणार आहे त्या बदल माहीत सांगा

  5. I am M.A.(English) B.Ed.
    Category: SC
    MAHA TAIT score: 131
    what are the chances of recruitment..and till when the process of recruitment will start?


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